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Autobody Tools - Equipment - Accessories

User Price Schedule
as of August 8, 2017

Item Description User Net
BK-1234 BUSHING NOKKERS $  60.02/set
       BK-1 Bushing Nokker #1 only     17.38 ea.
       BK-2 Bushing Nokker #2 only     17.38 ea.
       BK-3 Bushing Nokker #3 only     18.60 ea.
       BK-4 Bushing Nokker #4 only     18.60 ea.
DT-1 TRIMEEZER     107.42 ea.
       DT-101 Body     30.43 ea.
       DT-102 Handle     23.95 ea.
       DT-103 Crank Assembly     19.08 ea.
       DT-105 Shaft       6.03 ea.
       DT-107 Guide       12.14 ea.
DT-2 TUNE UP KIT (Roller, Blade and Pin) (Wt. 3 1/4 oz.)     27.70 ea.
DT-4 BACKING PLATE SET for MORGAN TRIMEEZER (Wt. 6 oz.)    35.58/set
       DT-43 3" Backing Plate       8.63 ea.
       DT-45 4-1/4" Backing Plate       9.42 ea.
       DT-46 5-1/2" Backing Plate       12.00 ea.
       DT-47 6-3/4" Backing Plate      14.23 ea.
JR-5 JUNIOR NOKKER - with Attachments   184.00 ea.
JR-5A STARTER KIT (Includes JR-50, 51, 54 and 56)  

  102.39 ea.

JR-5K JUNIOR NOKKER ON BOARD (Wt. 15 lbs.)   235.02 ea.
       JR-5B Board only for JR-5     63.84 ea.
       JR-50 Slide Hammer (5 lbs. Weight)     46.51 ea.
       JR-51 Shaft and Handle     33.30 ea.
       JR-52 Thin Hook for JR-5 (Wt. 5 oz.)     15.87 ea.
       JR-53 U-Hook (Wt. 6 oz.)     16.22 ea.
       JR-54 Duplex Nut (Wt. 1.5 oz.)       9.09 ea.
       JR-55 Utility Hook (Wt. 3 oz.)     16.63 ea.
       JR-56 Special Double Lead Screw (Adapts to BS-10, JR-5, JR-5A, No. 3A) 12/Box 1.17/screw
       JR-57 Super Point (Adapts to BS-10, JR-5, JR-5A, No. 3A) 19.75/screw
       JR-58 Straight Hook for JR-5 (Wt. 2 oz.)     18.93 ea.
       JR-59 Adapter (for No. 9 parts to JR-5) (Wt. 4.5 oz.)     21.67 ea.
       JR-16R Right Angle Hook     16.78 ea.
       JR-16RF Right Angle Flat Hook     21.15 ea.
No. 3-A NOKKER KIT Clam Shell Packaged     77.51 ea.
       3-N Nut (Duplex Nut)       9.99 ea.
       3-S Shaft     38.68 ea.
       3-W Weight     21.12 ea.
       3-FH Flat Hook       11.54 ea.
       3-FHN Flat Hook Nut (Two required)       3.71 ea.
       3-RH Round Hook       10.55 ea.
       3-RHN Round Hook Nut       4.39 ea.
  SCREW ONLY for No. 3 Nokkers (order JR-56) 1.17/screw
No. 7 NOKKER KIT Mounted on Board (Wt. 30 lbs.)   235.63 ea.
No. 7-A NOKKER KIT without Mounting Board   193.43 ea.
       7-B Tool Mounting Board for No. 7 Kit     48.49 ea.
No. 7-NB NO. 7 NOKKER KIT in Metal Box   272.47 ea.
No. 9 MORGAN NOKKER Mounted on Board (Wt. 32 lbs.)   282.26 ea.
No. 9-A MORGAN NOKKER without Mounting Board   240.72 ea.
       9-B Tool Mounting Board for No. 9 Kit     54.76 ea.
       BS-1 Thin Hook     31.64 ea.
       BS-1R Thin Hook-Reversed     31.64 ea.
       BS-2 Chain Hook     36.41 ea.
       BS-3 Return Bend     16.17 ea.
       BS-4 Calking Blade     15.87 ea.
       BS-5 Offset Blade     18.47 ea.
       BS-7 Shaft for No. 9     41.65 ea.
       BS-7H Handle for Shaft     14.18 ea.
       BS-8 Large Hook     22.23 ea.
       BS-9 Small Hook     19.12 ea.
       BS-10 Screw Puller     23.32 ea.
       BS-10B Body Only     17.36 ea.
       BS-10N Nut Only (same as JR-54)       9.09 ea.
  SCREW ONLY (Order JR-56)   1.17/screw
       BS-11 Straight Hook for No. 9     19.34 ea.
       BS-14 Locking Pliers Puller     33.02 ea.
       BS-15 Adapter (3/4 NPT to 5/8-11 THD)     18.37 ea.
       BS-16 Heavy Duty Nokker Attachment Kit     59.78/set
       BS-16B Body     15.32 ea.
       BS-16JN Jam Nut     10.72 ea.
       BS-16L Large "J" Hook     35.44 ea.
       BS-16LA Large "J" Hook (for use with aluminum only)     42.46 ea.
       BS-16N Nut Only     1.58 ea.
       BS-16R Right Angle     34.69 ea.
       BS-16RA Right Angle (for use with aluminum only)     42.36 ea.
       BS-16RF Right Angle Flat     37.58 ea.
       BS-16RFA Right Angle Flat (for use with aluminum only)     46.70 ea.
       BS-16S Small Hook     17.11 ea.
       BS-16SA Small Hook (for use with aluminum only)     39.01 ea.
       BS-18 Large Flat Hook        27.39 ea.
       BS-19 Frame Hammer Attachment        72.57 ea.
       MN-8 Slide Hammer - 8 1/2 lb. Weight     44.77 ea.
       PL-5K PIN-LOC Starter Kit     198.05 ea.
       PL-1*** PIN-LOC Thin Hook     47.60 ea.
       PL-1R PIN-LOC Thin Hook Reversed     47.60 ea.
       PL-2 PIN-LOC Chain Hook     55.67 ea.
       PL-6P*** PIN-LOC Loc-Pin     11.53 ea.
       PL-8*** PIN-LOC Large Hook     51.10 ea.
       PL-9*** PIN-LOC Small Hook     47.18 ea.
       PL-10 PIN-LOC Screw Puller     43.28 ea.
       PL-11*** PIN-LOC Straight Hook     47.11 ea.
       PL-14 PIN-LOC Locking Pliers Puller     43.74 ea.
       PL-15 PIN-LOC Mo-Clamp Adapter     43.35 ea.
       PL-16B PIN-LOC Body for BS-16 Hooks     40.20 ea.
       PL-19 PIN-LOC Frame Hammer Attachment     97.89 ea.
       PL-SA*** PIN-LOC Shaft Adapter for all hooks     42.79 ea.
        ***Included in the PL-5K PIN LOC Starter Kit    
No. 9-NB NO. 9 NOKKER KIT in Metal Box   318.55 ea.
No. 10 NOKKER KIT Mounted on Board (Wt. 30 lbs.)   343.02 ea.
       10-B Tool Mounting Board for No. 10 Kit     64.11 ea.
No. 10-A NOKKER KIT without Mounting Board   294.06 ea.
No. 10-NB NO. 10 NOKKER KIT in Metal Box   368.32 ea.
No. 39 MINI NO. 9   221.04 ea.
No. 39-A MINI NO. 9 without Mounting Board   144.37 ea.
       391 Small Hook for No. 39     12.53 ea.
       398 Large Hook for No. 39     14.45 ea.
No. 59 ECONOMY NOKKER (Wt. 16 lbs.)   168.89 ea.
No. 69 GIRL NOKKER Mounted on Board (Wt. 33 lbs.)   333.12 ea.
No. 69-A GIRL NOKKER without Mounting Board   273.95 ea.
       69-B Tool Mounting Board for No. 69 Kit     57.80 ea.
       MN-9 Novelty Slide Hammer (9 1/2 lb. Weight)     86.76 ea.
No. 69-NB GIRL NOKKER KIT in Metal Box   360.12 ea.
NBS METAL UTILITY BOX ONLY (Wt. 6 lbs.)     91.01 ea.
PWS-1 PAINTERS WORK STATION (Wt. 15 lbs.)   281.59 ea.
QS-2 QUICK STUD (Wt. 12.5 oz.)     44.09 ea.
       QS-2B Body with Knurl & Pins     33.77 ea.
       QS-2H Replacement Pull Handle     12.14 ea.
       QS-2K Replacement Knurl & Pin       7.42 ea.
SGH-1 SPRAY GUN HOLDER     63.50 ea.
VA-39 UNIVERSAL VACUUM ATTACHMENT (Wt. 4 lbs.)   239.70 ea.
       312916 9/16 - 18 NF To 1/2 - 20 NF Adapter       13.45 ea.
       358916 9/16 - 18 NF To 5/8 - 18 NF Adapter       13.45 ea.
       VA-39B Vacuum Venturi Body      36.90 ea.
       VA-39EB Eye Bolt - 3/8 - 24 NF Thread       6.45 ea.
       VA-39EP Vacuum Venturi Exhaust Port       10.01 ea.
       VA-39H "Tee" Handle - 3/8 -24 NF Thread       12.14 ea.
       VA-39NZ Vacuum Venturi Nozzle      13.31 ea.
       VC-39 Vinyl Vacuum Cup - 6" Round     120.93 ea.
W-1 WRECKTIFIER     114.95 ea.
       W-1LL Lever Lock only     26.42 ea.
       W-1HA Hook adapter w/pin & E-clips     36.84 ea.
       W-1HAP Hook adapter pin only w/E-clips      3.39 ea.
       W-1FH Flat Hook only     15.54 ea.
       W-1S Shaft - red grip     51.00 ea.
DH-3 DOOR HANGERS (Wt. 3 oz.)    24.70/set
KP-2 KNEEPADS         46.32/pr.

Limited Warranty:
Morgan Tools are inspected and guaranteed free of material defects and/or faulty workmanship. Warranty obligation is limited to repair or replacement at factory discretion of part or parts that are found defective. Warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, abuse, misuse, overloading or product alteration. Return defective tool freight prepaid to factory or seller for adjustment. Warranty does not extend, expressed or implied, beyond this statement as tool use is beyond manufacturer's control.

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