Morgan Manufacturing Inc.

Flatbed Truck Equipment, Auto Body Tools and Custom Production Machining & Stamping

Morgan Manufacturing, Inc. is owned and managed by Carl "Butch" Palmgren, who acquired the company in 1981. Our primary products are autobody tools and tie-down equipment for the flatbed trucking industry.

Since the mid-1960s, Morgan Manufacturing, Inc. has devoted a good portion of its manufacturing capability to job work. This includes production CNC lathes and vertical mills, secondary milling, drilling, and tapping. The addition of new CNC turning centers with live tooling is the result of our success.

Punch presses that are required to produce both product lines have also served this part of our sales, by producing stamped parts for other manufacturers.

Job work sales consist of approximately 75% of our business. This is consistent with prior years' percentages.

Morgan Manufacturing, Inc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality, unique hand tools, and equipment to the auto body reconstruction and flatbed trucking industries.

Additionally, our job shop division is a dependable supplier of quality parts, such as CNC lathe and vertical mill products, stamped components, and finished products for other manufacturers who are in need of such out-of-house services.

Customer Success Stories

To support the company's Kanban system, Morgan Manufacturing helped our customer reduce the in-house inventory, and produced complex parts just in time.

By thinking outside the box, we supplied a small quantity production run of a 10-foot long 1-inch diameter shaft that was drilled and reamed with a 3/8-inch hole on one end and an I.D threaded hole on the other end, and a ¼-inch wide slot the full length of the part, all in one operation.

We collaborated with our customer’s design team for the production of a cement siding hanging tool. We were able to produce the main body on our punch press, then work with a 4-slide company to produce a spring steel bracket for the tool. We did the assembly, which required stainless steel rivets as well as pack the product in a polybag and header card for retail.

Morgan Manufacturing, Inc.