About Morgan Manufacturing, Inc.

Since the 1950s, Morgan Manufacturing, Inc. has been a trusted supplier of precision machined parts to various industries, and energy, transport, consumer and equipment OEM customers, across Northern California.

We do bar work up to 12in. dia. and 19in. long (longer work if it is 1-5/8in. dia. through a sub-spindle), 5-axis Mill-Turn ("one-and-done") with back-facing, and live tooling on both ends of the work-piece. We also do stamping with our 250T Cincinnati Open Back Press.

Morgan Manufacturing, Inc.

End-to-End Production Support

Today, our typical customer wants aluminum, steel, tool steels, and alloys machined to exacting tolerance (.002 to .005 in.), in small to several 1,000's lot sizes, quickly. We meet this need through a rapid, accurate quote, which is available to you online. Whether your part is turned, milled or stamped, we deliver the best.

If you need a precision shop that is more than just “good”, then you need a partner who will help you be cost-competitive, meet your delivery schedules, and produce the highest quality and close-tolerance demands for your designs.

Quality Control

We support your quality and documentation requirements through our state-of-the-art CMM, metrology, and CAM software.

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